Why GPS tracker is useful in vehicles?

Summary: GPS tracker has recently enhanced the standard of vehicles and thus it is in higher demands these days. This tracker is being created with the use of advanced technology or technique.

Vehicle GPS tracker is one of the most important car accessories that can prevent theft and other unwanted situations. Your car’s activities or functions can be well tracked by means of this tracker and this is why it is so very important.

In fact, the car experts are recommending inclusion of this improved tracker in vehicles. The tracker can be easily used and thus anybody can make easy access of the same. It does not require positioning the tracker rather once it is installed it remains in the same position.

What are the benefits of GPS tracking?

  • If your vehicle is lost, then GPS Vehicle Tracking is the only means that can help you to find out the same. This is how vehicle safety can be easily ensured by means of this tracking system. Your vehicle can be easily found out with this tracking system and this is one of the main reasons that most of the modern vehicles have included this tracker.
  • Your fuel costs can be reduced. If the tracker is being installed, then you will be able to track the fuel amount from time to time. In this way, fuel consumpyi0n can be effectively minimized and you will be able to save more costs. On the other driving routes can also be efficiently decided by tracker and this is how unwanted accidents can be easily avoided.
  • Operational costs can also be minimized with the use of GPS system of vehicles. Thus, your maintenance cost for vehicles can be reduced and you can save great costs. GPS software is highly facilitating and thus vehicle operation and maintenance can be smoothly conducted without any kind of troubles.
  • You also need to pay lower premium on vehicle insurance and on the other hand the overall value of your vehicle can be increased. Your vehicle can now get absolutely upgraded look and finishing by adding the GPS tracker.

How Night Vision Cameras are valuable to your Business

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is important to any security set-up and night vision plays a huge role in enforcing the function of a working, successful CCTV operation. In this day and age anyone using a CCTV security system will want to benefit from its uses 24/7 and therefore maintaining a decent operating service during the night hours, as well as the day hours, are essential and beneficial to any user. Over recent years CCTV technology and night vision have developed and obviously improved. It is to a point where night vision capabilities can protect an area that once could have been considered a hotspot for possible crime. Some cameras can even create images when there is no light therefore meaning you are doing all you can in these moments to prioritise your safety and protect what is yours.

There are several important functions of CCTV and of course night vision within. It is obviously a security measure, with regards to this it is, in its physical presence, a deterrent against would-be criminals and can prevent crime. It obviously can film crime that has taken place and can therefore be used as evidence and proof in the case that it may need to be presented as such in situations such as a court of law. Also for a place that may have staff and customers on the grounds, for example a factory outlet, CCTV can be used to rectify certain situations that could arise in the workplace. For example violence against staff, accusations of internal theft, and accidents that may occur on site. These situations, if caught on camera, should all be able to be resolved much easier with the image playback.

Night vision can be utilized using one of three methods; low-light, infrared illumination, and thermal imaging. Even though they need some light available to create an image, low light cameras produce excellent images during low light scenes and they have the ability to identify people, cars, items etc. These cameras work by using image intensifiers that enlarge the light to form an amplified image. Infrared illumination teams up with motion detection technology. These cameras detect movement using motion detection and the infrared illumination lights the scene to capture the images. Infrared illumination use LED lights to transmit black and white images. Black and white produces a better quality image which works perfectly for this camera to be able to pick up such details as number plates and lettering. They don’t rely on ambient light to pick up and capture images. Thermal imaging works on the basis that objects within shot radiate infrared energy because of its temperature and is therefore picked up. It also therefore doesn’t require light to produce images. The more heat emitted from objects equals more infrared energy shown and the infrared energy is what in turn creates the thermal image. These cameras  have very good long distance capabilities and they offer a high level of sensitivity when picking up images. They produce black images when objects are cold and white when they are hot and some thermal imaging cameras also project images in colour.

Now, to talk about night vision specifically. Night vision is, as indicated in the title of it, the ability to see at night, during dark hours, and in low-light conditions. One of the first things that may spring to mind when hearing the term ‘night vision’ is tactical military operation. The reason for this is that the military forces were one of the first to use night vision technology and bring the term into the mainstream. It is very fitting because someone today who may use CCTV night vision, say a car dealer, who wants merchandise watched and protected during the night when the property is unattended, will want to identify and enforce some of the uses that the tactical forces also use during military procedure. For example, would be criminals who may want to plan a robbery at an unmanned plot, may think that they are covered by darkness to the point they can get away with the crime they have committed, however taking the point of view of an army who are prepared to fight and protect themselves at night using night vision, the owner of the said plot could use the tactical awareness of military procedure to gain the upper hand on any trespassers on their patch who are intruding the property, breaking the law, and need to be dealt with. Having CCTV night vision basically prepares you for the war on crime and gives you the upper hand to be tactically ready for those that oppose.


Why A Nanny Cam Is A Necessity When You Have To Hire Someone To Watch Your Child

You have probably seen exposes on television that showed what happens when people believe that no one is looking. These are extremely useful, yet many people are not taking advantage of them. The fact that your child may become the next victim of a rogue nanny should be more than enough to justify a purchase.

The Legalities

Before you rush to the store to buy a nanny cam, you need to ensure that you are aware of all the legal ramifications of having one. One thing you should be aware of is the fact that you can install a nanny cam legally in every state, yet this only applies to cams that do not have audio.

If there is audio on the tape, there are several states that do not permit this. In fact, you can be prosecuted for breaking the law and the contents of your recording will be inadmissible in court. In the event that you plan to install a cam that has sound, you have to notify the nanny of its existence.

You should also consider the fact that you cannot record in areas that are considered to be private. The bedroom of a live-in nanny and all of the bathrooms in the home would certainly be off limits.


As was previously mentioned, there have been numerous television shows that focused on nannies behaving badly on cam. In some cases, children were verbally or physically assaulted. Since the nannies had no idea anyone was looking, they abused the children without giving it a second thought.

It is difficult to leave your children alone with someone you are not extremely familiar with. Even so, it is sometimes necessary, especially if there is no one you know personally who is available to watch your child. Knowing that there is a nanny cam watching the house will put your mind at ease. Even if there is an incident caught on tape, you will feel good knowing that you are aware and it did not continue without your knowledge.


There are many parents who hire babysitters and nannies to watch their children and upon their return home, items have sometimes come up missing. Yet it can be difficult to prove that the person they hired had anything to do with it. Having a nanny cam available can certainly change this. In fact, there is more theft caught on camera than anything else.

Bad Behavior

Does your babysitter invite people over to party when you are away from home? Are you concerned about your child being exposed to smoking, drinking or drugs? Do you believe that there is inappropriate adult behavior being displayed in front of your children? If you have suspicions of any of these types of activities going on, you should certainly consider installing a cam.

Precious Moments

While most people associate these cams with adverse situations, there is a silver lining. If you are a parent who works endless hours, it is common to miss milestones in your child’s life. Even if you are not present to watch your little one take their first steps, it is nice to know that you can see it for yourself as opposed to hearing the good news from others.

There are numerous reasons for parents to install cameras. Whether you are concerned with keeping your child safe, protecting your valuables, or catching missed moments, this can certainly be a worthwhile investment.

Ross Germano is a self-defense and security specialist. You can check out his site, RevereSecurity.com for great information about self-defense and security, as well as the best in security products.

Finally a way to hide your Dropcam – Dropcessories.com

Finally a way to hide your Dropcam – Dropcessories.com

Dropcam has revolutionized home security and made it appealing to a vast number of people. But while Drocpam is one of the most technologically advanced products out there in terms of mobile integration, video quality, motion detection and night vision – people have been looking for a way to hide their Drocpam effectively ever since it first came out 5 years ago.

With a rise in Dropcam penetration, burglars are also increasing on the outlook for the IP cameras and there is fair amount of youtube video footage of intruders entering a house, spotting the Drocpam, covering their faces and disabling the device. One such example is the video below (the burglar spots and disables the camera towards the end):

So our friends at Dropcessories went ahead and created hidden Dropcam enclosures. Our favorite among their products is the mirrored tissue box . It’s a nice looking piece of furniture which allows you to hide your Dropcam completely!

We hope they keep up the good work and are looking forward to more creative ways to hide your Drocpam